Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sad event in Conference in India

A terrorist strike took place in the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore where an International Operations Research conference was going on, organized by the Indian Operations Research Society. Mathematics professor M.C. Puri of IIT Delhi was shot dead, and at least four others were injured.

Professor Puri is remembered as a jovial, polite, and humble man, and a devoted faculty member of the Institute (IIT-Delhi).

One of the injured is Professor Vijay Chandru, a well-known computer scientist in the fields of optimization/geometry, etc. Vijay is an active member of the Indian Association for Research in Computer Science, and has chaired the Annual conference FST-TCS in the past. He also co-invented the Simputer, a radical concept in computing for developing nations.

My heart goes out to the families and colleagues of Professor Puri and the injured. One of the newspaper articles mentions that the injured are out of danger, a modest silver lining.

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